Our Philosophy.

We believe that childhood is more than simply preparation for adult life.

Based on proven best practice.

Our philosophy is based upon the sociocultural theories of development. Inspiration for our curriculum has been drawn from famous developmental psychologists and best practices in early education programmes from around the world. These are implemented by our dedicated, considerate, and attentive educators who are motivated by the successes of the children they work with.

Our beliefs.

We believe that childhood is more than simply preparation for the adult life. Children deserve to enjoy the unique experiences that occur in childhood and develop at the rate that is most suited to them.

Scola Early Learning upholds the child’s right to a childhood, allowing them to play, create, socialise, and experience the sensory world around them. Childhood is a time to explore the thought processes that exist uniquely in this period of life. Scola Early Learning’s educational programme has been designed to focus on the cognitive, emotional, and social benefits of letting the child be the leader of their world.

Experienced Guides.

At Scola Early Learning, children are observed and guided closely by our experienced and knowledgeable staff members. The information they gain from observation of the child, and collaborating with parents regarding home-life, is used to identify the child’s interests, concerns and skills so that our team can provide the highest standard of early years education.

Our evidence-based techniques are used as a means of developing an assortment of skills, such as memory, organisation and planning, attention and focus switching. An empathetic and considerate approach is employed as a means of developing the child’s emotional intelligence, and play and experimentation are important tools used in developing a child’s imagination, their social skills and their physical and mental wellbeing.

Inspiring Children.

Scola Early Learning encourages children to be active in their learning, so children and families are included in every facet of the Scola programme. From the detailed things, such as deciding how to use a provided assortment of resources, to the broader items which influence their safety and security, such as assisting in policy development and environment design. Scola Early Learning’s philosophy inspires children to be thinkers – to think outside the box, to question why things are the way they are, and to imagine how things can be better.

In order to achieve this, children are grouped diversely so that those of differing abilities, ages, and stages of development are able to communicate and cooperate for the benefit of not only the child who is in need of assistance, but also the child providing the assistance.

Emotionally secure and confident.

Scola Early Learning’s educators inspire children to be independent, diplomatic, self-aware and self-determined.

Scola Early Learning implements a highly advanced and researched educational program with the hope that the next generation of children is emotionally secure, confident in their own abilities, and able to maintain the cognitive skills which will see them benefit themselves and those around them.