Working With:

Oran O'Connor   09 Apr 2019

Working With: The Children’s Garden!

We’re delighted to announce that we’ll be working with our buddies next door: The Children’s Garden!

The Children’s Garden has been family owned and operated since 2005 in the City of Melville, and runs an exceedingly high quality educational programme. Like Scola, The Children’s Garden considers the early years to be more than just care, paying specific attention to the quality of the education they provide their children and families. A belief in the sociocultural theories of psychological development, and an acute sense of the needs, desires and interests of the child has created many delighted families in the Melville area.

Our ongoing agreement with The Children’s Garden means that every family who joins their waiting list will join ours too! By exchange, our Scola families will also be prioritised for entry to The Children’s Garden as any new family members come along!

For new families, just hit ‘Enrol’ at the top right of your screen to join the Scola community.

You can read all about The Children’s Garden here: