Working With:

Oran O'Connor   31 Oct 2022

Working With: Containers for Change!

This year at Scola has seen a huge community step towards a more sustainable future as we endeavour to tidy up the local community and raise funds for a good cause.

We’ve already been fortunate to have had huge support from our friends over at The Children’s Garden in developing the foundations of our sustainable practices with their expertise in worm farming, composting and soft plastics recycling. We thought that 2022 was the year that the apprentice became the master as we’ve team up with Containers for Change to create a recycling fund to set our little Scola Superheroes on a mission to save the planet!

Scola Superheroes has been our child-focussed recycling initiative to build a sense of connectedness with the world and instill a sense of purpose for our young learners as they clean up our local community and raise funds at the same time. Our buddies over at The Children’s Garden will of course be helping out as usual as they too endeavour to save the planet!

Keep an eye on our instagram and Facebook for updates on our milestones!